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What Should I Do

Institutional Death

When your loved one dies in a hospital, nursing home or other institution the staff at that facility should take care of the necessary legal forms and procedures. Just notify them that W. L. Fields Funeral Home will be handling the arrangements and provide them with our number (804) 478-4811.

Expected Death at Home

In today’s society many more people that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness are choosing to die at home around their family and friends and under the care of hospice. When this happens notify hospice that you have chosen the W. L. Fields Funeral Home to care for your loved one. They will handle all legal requirements. In many cases families have elected to pre-arrange the service with us in order to make that time easier to bear.

Unexpected Death at Home

If someone unexpectedly dies at home, immediately call 911. The local law enforcement and EMS personnel will determine the appropriate steps to be taken. If you are asked which funeral home you would like to use please ask them to contact the W. L. Fields Funeral Home (804) 478-4811.

Out of State Death

If a death occurs outside of the state of Virginia then please call one of the caring professionals at the W. L. Fields Funeral Home. We will work with a funeral director at the location of death to fulfill your wishes.